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about 1 year ago

Student Government is about making our school a better place to be. We set up charities and events that are beneficial to the school and community. Student Government is about getting involved in our local governments and how we all can contribute to them. That way, our contributions can be recognized by more than just our teachers.


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Student Government


7th Grade

8th Grade


Meeting Minutes

2 months ago

Student Government Notes: 11/19/2018 


  • Holiday Giving Program 

  • Make sure papers are passed out in each homeroom 

  • Each team brings in gifts for assigned children 

  • All gifts are due December 6th  

  • Collecting gifts in homerooms on December 7th 

  • December Dance 

  • December 14th from 6-8pm 

  • $4 per ticket sold during lunch periods and second selling day during homeroom at Mrs. Bush’s room 

  • $100 DJ 

  • Next meeting come up with a list of songs for dance 

  • TV announcements and signs 

  • 200 students maximum  

  • First come first serve for ticket sales 

  • Dance money donations will be donated towards the Turning Point in Lehigh Valley 


Dance Theme Ideas 


Winter Wonderland   (final choice) 

Holidays around the world 

Holidays undersea/undersea dance 

Outside Caf.  

Ski slope mountain scenery 

Table Center Pieces 

Candle In Snowflake glass jar 


Snowy landscape with cardboard igloo and drapes above it 


Next meeting will be Wednesday 11/27 to work on dance preparation and decorations



Upcoming Events and Activities

-Slater Family Network's Holiday Giving Program in December along with helping the Salvation Army with their Kettle Drive.

Student Concerns and Suggestions

about 1 year ago

The Student Government is here to represent our school. Throw out any ideas or concerns and see that we are here by your side. If any ideas cross your mind, write it on a piece of paper and drop it in your team's suggestion box. 

Each meeting, the Student Government discusses any suggestions/concerns and will address them. When a solution is found, we will inform the student body on morning announcements.

This is your School!!!! We work for you!!!!


1. How to make it easy for students to share their concerns, questions and suggestions?