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12 months ago

Student Government is about making our school a better place to be. We set up charities and events that are beneficial to the school and community. Student Government is about getting involved in our local governments and how we all can contribute to them. That way, our contributions can be recognized by more than just our teachers.


10 months ago

Student Government

President--Paulina Poels
V.P.-- Clara Oxford
Secretary--Abigail Krehel
7th Grade
 -Carly Caiazzo

-Calais Lovett

-Emma Etzkorn

-Emma Toth

-Lauren Hoffer
8th Grade

-Darin Thornell

-Allison Talero

-Sarah Reed

-Liliana Priestaf

-Kyle Suydam

-Evan Chase

Meeting Minutes

6 months ago

SGA Minutes


April 3rd, 2018

Student Government Meeting Minutes

· PSSA Bingo Board (each homeroom gets 1 board)

-name tag, SSR book

-Prizes: TBD

· 7th and 8th grade winners, consolation prize

· The Bingo Cards were made

*****NEXT MEETING: APRIL 17TH, 2018*****


  • -Law Day is in May, put on by Northampton County Courthouse 





Upcoming Events and Activities

-Slater Family Network's Holiday Giving Program in December along with helping the Salvation Army with their Kettle Drive.

Student Concerns and Suggestions

12 months ago

The Student Government is here to represent our school. Throw out any ideas or concerns and see that we are here by your side. If any ideas cross your mind, write it on a piece of paper and drop it in your team's suggestion box. 

Each meeting, the Student Government discusses any suggestions/concerns and will address them. When a solution is found, we will inform the student body on morning announcements.

This is your School!!!! We work for you!!!!


1. How to make it easy for students to share their concerns, questions and suggestions?