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about 1 year ago

Student Government is about making our school a better place to be. We set up charities and events that are beneficial to the school and community. Student Government is about getting involved in our local governments and how we all can contribute to them. That way, our contributions can be recognized by more than just our teachers.


about 1 month ago


Student Government


7th Grade

8th Grade


Meeting Minutes

15 days ago

BAMS SGA Minutes 

October 29, 2018 


  • Elections 

Went over campaign process and voting 

Touched up Voting Booths 


  • Slater Family Network 

Requested 12 children for BAMS 

Each team will have TWO children to buy gifts for this year because we have 6th grade here 

Get names by November 9th 


  • Snowball Timeline 

Dance: Friday, December 14 

Donating to the Turning Point in Leigh Valley  

Selling tickets from Dec. 4-11. $4 a ticket 

Start working on decorations after elections 

Limit of 200 or 220 students 

Make decisions on the Dj and choose if we want Christmas City  


  • Veterans Day 

Went over how the assembly will go  

List of students willing. To help for Veterans Day 

Morgan Edwards 

Jensyn Buist 

Calais Lovett 

Blake Kornafel 

Isabella Rocco 

Landon Ritter 

Logan Vaitekonis



Upcoming Events and Activities

-Slater Family Network's Holiday Giving Program in December along with helping the Salvation Army with their Kettle Drive.

Student Concerns and Suggestions

about 1 year ago

The Student Government is here to represent our school. Throw out any ideas or concerns and see that we are here by your side. If any ideas cross your mind, write it on a piece of paper and drop it in your team's suggestion box. 

Each meeting, the Student Government discusses any suggestions/concerns and will address them. When a solution is found, we will inform the student body on morning announcements.

This is your School!!!! We work for you!!!!


1. How to make it easy for students to share their concerns, questions and suggestions?