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Teachers on the L Team
ELA- Mr. Milonas
ELA- Mrs. Shemanski
Math- Mrs. Layton
Social Studies- Ms. Peifly
Science- Mrs. Kemp
Learning Support- Mr. McHugh
Learning Support- Mr. Stein
Homework 9-5-18
ELA- Milonas
Periods 3/4 p. 10 #2 - #5
Period 6 p. 10 #2/3
They started this assignment in class today. They are asked to finish it for homework, if they did not complete in class.

ELA Shemanski- none

Kemp Science- Read 6-7 Back of Book
Complete T Chart

Layton Math- 1.4 p.27 #2-6, 10, 11

Peifly SS- None
Homework 9-6-18
Math- LCM and GCF w/s; Mid Chapter review tomorrow

ELA Milonas- Springboard finish p.12
The Circuit, 20 minute in class
Quiz Tuesday- The Circuit

SS- none
Sci- none
ELA Shemanski- None
All summer reading is due by Friday, September 14th
Homework 9-7-18
Science: none
ELA Milonas: "The Circuit" Quiz on Tuesday 9-11-18
ELA Shemanski "The Circuit" Quiz Wednesday or Thursday
Math- None
SS- Quiz 9-12-18 "The Purpose of Labor Day"
Homework 9-10-18
SS- Quiz 9-12-18
Sci- None
ELA Milonas- Period 3/4 & 7/8 Circuit Quiz on Wed
Math -None
ELA Shemanski - The Circuit Quiz Wednesday and
Pg. 11 Springboard Questions #6,7,8 "The Circuit"
Homework 9-11-18
ELA Shemanski- Quiz Wednesday
ELA Milonas- Quiz Wednesday Period 6
Math- Lesson 1.6 p.41 #2-11 *MUST SHOW WORK
Science- None
SS- Quiz Wednesday
Homework 9-12-18
Science- none
SS- Continue to work on projects
ELA Milonas- Sign and return Quiz
ELA Shemanski - None
Math- 1-7, p.47 #2-9
Homework 9-13-18
S.S.- work on project
ELA Milonas- signed quizzes
ELA Shemansli- none
Science- none
Math- Lesson 1-1 P.5 #2-6, 10,11
Homework 9-14-18
Math- 1.8 p. 53 #2-9
ELA Shem- None
ELA Milonas- None
Science- None
SS- None
Homework 9-17-18
Math-Lesson 1-9 p. 59 #2-9
Review Packet p. 1 #1-4
Unit 1 Test on Thursday
ELA Milonas - None
ELA Shemanski - None
Social Studies- Quiz 7 Continents 4 Oceans
*Project - Safety Device
Science- Scientific Method Wed. or Thurs.
Homework 9-18-18
Science- Study Guide Completion - Test Thursday
Math- Unit 1 Test on Thursday
Review Packet p. 4 #13-22
ELA Milonas- none
ELA Shemanski- none
Social Studies - Quiz 7 continents/4 Oceans Wednesday
Project due Friday- Create Safety Device
Homework 9-19-18
Review Packet p.#2
ELA Milonas- None
ELA Shemanski - Comma Quiz Thursday
SS- Project due Friday
Science- Test Thursday
Homework 9-20-18
ELA Shem- none
ELA Milonas- none
SS- Projects due Friday
Science- None
Math- Keep reviewing unit 1